JD Real Estate Management, LLC is a full service commercial Real Estate property management company that can accommodate all assets classes. Using the latest technologies, JD provides precise financial management and analysis, along with meticulous attention to physical property details to insure optimum performance and profitability.


JD Companies is a development organization at heart. With a wealth of experience in virtually every form of real estate construction and development, JD is always on the look out for a potential project. From condos to office buildings, sewage treatment plants to shopping malls, and everything in between, JD has the knowledge and expertise to manage and maximize any venture.


Construction Management is a highly competitive and integral part of real estate development. What sets one company apart from another is experience and a proven track record. This is how JD Companies distinguishes itself and stands alone. JD aims to combine its experience and quality-oriented focus with an unwavering approach to client satisfaction: the result is a truly exceptional product.

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